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Chicken  Tikka
Marinated chunks of chicken barbecued in the charcoal oven

Malai Chicken Kabab
Chicken chunks marinated in ginger and garlic, broiled in the Tandoor

Fish Tandoori
Chunks of fresh salmon marinated in herbs and spices, broiled in the Tandoor

Shrimp Tandoori
Fresh, king-size shrimp gently seasoned and slowly broiled over charcoal in the Tandoor

Chicken Samosa
Fried turnovers filled with ground chicken

Tawi Chicken
Chicken grilled to perfection with onions, green peppers and oriental spices

Tandoori Mixed Grill
A combination of our appetizing Chicken Tikka, Chicken Malai Kabab, Boti Kabab, Shrimp Tandoori and Fish Tikka